Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom getoond in 3D render

Zojuist is de komst van de Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom bevestigd door een betrouwbare bron dichtbij de Koreaanse fabrikant. Dit toestel is een variant op het reeds gelanceerde opvolger van de Galaxy S3 en beschikt – zoals de naam al doet vermoeden – over een betere camera. Zo krijgt de Zoom dezelfde 16,0 megapixel camera als de Galaxy Camera, die vorig jaar tijdens de IFA officieel werd aangekondigd. Maar hoe gaat een dergelijke camera module eruit zien op een smartphone? De onderstaande 3D render geeft je een idee.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom 1

Samsung Galaxy Zoom 2

Zoals je ziet heeft de Samsung Galaxy Zoom net als de Galaxy Camera een uit stekende lens met een optische zoom.

De specificaties die bekend zijn van de cameravariant van de Galaxy S4 zijn:

  • 4,3 inch qHD S-AMOLED scherm
  • 16,0 megapixel camera (met optische zoom?)
  • 8 GB intern geheugen
  • Micro-SD ingang (tot maximaal 64 GB ui te breiden)
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • TouchWiz UI
  • Dual of quad-core processor
  • RAM nog onbekend

Wat vind jij van een dergelijke Galaxy S4 Zoom met uitstekende cameralens?

(met dank aan Jermaine)

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  1. Jos 7 mei 2013 at 13:39 #

    Haha, ziet er dik uit.

    Wat is er voor de rest nog beter aan de Zoom camera dan de pixels?

    • Jermaine 13 mei 2013 at 14:08 #

      Optische zoom heeft niet zoveel met pixels te maken maar meer met zoomen zelf. Dan kan je bijv. 4x inzoomen zonder dat het kwaliteit kost

      • John 19 juli 2014 at 03:55 #

        Waterproof Video Camera with 4x Digital Zoom and 2.7-Inch Touchscreen LCD (Black) (New Model) (Electronics) I purchased a Flip Slide about a year ago but I retnrued it after (1) it developed a problem with its HDMI jack and (2) I learned that Cisco had dropped the product and will terminate support next year. Chose the new Bloggie Sport as the replacement and received it a few days ago. Based on my experience with it thus far, I have both good and bad things to say.First the good:(1) With the option of shooting in full-HD (1080) resolution, the Sony trumps the Flip, which went no higher than 720. I watched my Bloggie videos on a 46 screen and the quality was superb. I took some underwater videos of my 6-year-old in the pool (she’s an amazing little swimmer) and again was delighted with the results (as was she!). The Bloggie has a very cool underwater mode that color-corrects based on depth. The results were impressive. (The camera is supposed to be waterproof down to 15 feet. I didn’t go even half that distance, but there was no evidence of any leakage. I had to use an Aquapac case basically a clear vinyl pouch to shoot underwater with the Flip; this was a lot less cumbersome.)(2) There have been some complaints about button placement on the Bloggie; yes, they take a few moments to get used to, but I actually found the placement to be more intuitive than they were on the Flip notably the still photo shutter button.(3) The Bloggie is as much of a flip as the Flip was; i.e., its USB connector flips out of the case and can be plugged into your computer directly. If that’s made difficult becase of the location of your USB jack, the short USB extension cord that’s included in the package will solve the problem.(4) The Bloggie features a selectable HD Sports mode that shoots 720p at 60 fps. That means you get less blur in fast-moving sequences, and also that you can grab some amazingly sharp stills later on. (The demo video on the camera highlights this feature more than any other.) Shooting at 60 fps means that playback at the standard 30 fps would be HD slow motion. Thus far, however, I haven’t found a way to do that.(5) The Bloggie saves videos as MP4 files, meaning that they can be transferred directly to iTunes and then to all your Apple gadgets. Not so with my Sony Handcam, whose videos need to be converted before they are Apple-ready.Now the gripes:(1) I find the LCD screen to be insufficiently bright for shooting outdoors on a sunny day. It was a real struggle at the beach, for example, to know whether I was framing my shots accurately. The main thing I saw was my own reflection. As I recall, I was able to tweak the brightness of the screen on my Flip; Sony should have included that function as well.(2) The delay between pressing the still photo shutter button and the digital click is nearly a second, making it all but impossible to catch that special moment, expecially with young kids. Not a problem for posed photos, but if you’re counting to three, be sure to press the shutter on two. (You always have the option, of course, of shooting in video mode and then finding that perfect frame through the software; that’s what I’ll probably do with this camera.)(3) While I found the button locations unobjectionable, the proximity of the lens very near the left edge of the camera meant that, in the beginning at least, I saw a lot of finger in my shots. Again, it’s not hard to train yourself to hold the camera just so ; but it’s still annoying.(4) Like one other reviewer, I’m experiencing some difficulty downloading Sony’s organizing and editing software.(5) As others have noticed, the location of the mic tends to pick up camera-handling noises unless you hold the camera firmly without any surface movement. I didn’t find this quite as much of a problem as others have.Bottom line: This is a capable camera that, for its size and convenience, produces superb videos. Its ruggedness and waterproofing are real advantages. With a brighter screen, a faster shutter button, a more suitably located mic, and less problematic software, Sony would have a hands-down winner.

  2. Jose 19 juli 2014 at 03:14 #

    Waterproof Video Camera with 4x Digital Zoom and 2.7-Inch Touchscreen LCD (Black) (New Model) (Electronics) Customer Video Review Length:: 0:30 MinsTook the camera out to the bar last night and it did well in the low light. Better than my flip did. Microphone is very good.This morinng it is raining in LA and I took the camera out and filmed. HD looks great, synced video to my mac and blasted it up to my Apple TV in a matter of 2 minutes. Unheard of with other cameras I have owned.Image stabilization seems to be better than I thought it would be. LED light for flash is just as comical as a cell phone LED. Works better for finding dropped keys than anything else.Everyone thought it was my cell phone at dinner last night, touchscreen is easy to use and BIG.Setting have it on 2mp photos and 720p when you get it. I thought things were not that great, but then when I moved it to 5mp and 1080p there was a big difference.Easy to hold and looks cool. So far so good.Update: 4/16/12Had this for a couple of really good outings with the family and have to say I would rate this a 6 star camera if I could. I have no idea why people are rating this camera so low? Maybe they are getting a lemon or something?The clarity and microphone are WAY better than the flip and vado I used to own. Pool shots are so cool I cannot even tell you how amazed people in my family are.Works perfect with Iphoto and Imovie. Super easy to format it into an itunes format and blast to the appleTV.Stills are great, and easy to put into Imovie as well.Once again, NO idea how people are rating so low. My family is LOVING this camera. Have had this in the ocean, in a pool, my daughter through it off the top of the stairs onto our hardwood floors, in the sand at the beach. Keeps on trucking. Exactly what I needed.Going to Hawaii at the end of the month cant wait for more filming.


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